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ES’Leep contains the standardised herbal extracts of Sour Cherry (Prunus cerasus), Hop cones and Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) in a befitting proportion and in combination with Inositol and Chromium.

• the extract of hop cones contributes with calming effect to support good sleep
• cherries, as one of a very few, are a natural source of the hormone melatonin which has a significant effect on the regulation of one’s daily circadian rhythm and the sleep patterns of the body. The rise in its levels are associated with the urge to sleep
• inositol is a cyclic alcohol and is a key ingredient in metabolism for not only human beings but all animals, plants and microorganisms. It is very significantly involved in several biochemical processes, it also has calming and antioxidant effects, it protects the body against free radicals
• black pepper extract ensures the maximum effect in the combination of hop and cherry extracts with inositol. It also acts not only as an inhibitor of enzymes but also has a positive effect on the nervous system
• Chromium is an essential ingredient for the proper metabolism of macronutrients in the body

Thanks to the unique multi-layer coating technology and the use of appropriate inhibitors, the result is a revolutionary product in the field of food supplements of this type.

All products of the ESSENS Home Pharmacy range are developed and manufactured under pharmaceutical supervision in the Czech Republic respecting the implementation of strictest rules and standards.
Active components are obtained exclusively from natural sources without the use of chemically produced materials.